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Composite Windows in Houston, Texas

Choosing the correct windows for your home in Houston comes down to a multitude of factors. But nothing is more important than choosing the correct material to suit your needs. Looking for an alternative to traditional wood that boasts more strength and efficiency than vinyl? Then the team at Ultra Windows has the solution for you!

We offer composite windows, crafted by the professionals at Andersen. Composites provide you with a unique, high-quality solution for your home, combining the strengths of other window types and obviating the weaknesses. The result is a window that holds superior durability and function, without sacrificing any of that wonderful aesthetic appeal.

Ready to experience a stress-free installation process? Contact Ultra Windows to start the conversation about composite window installation!

Composite Window Installation in Houston

At Ultra Windows, our certified experts combine top-tier products with superior skill, bringing you the best service and quality available. Our team has been handling composite window installation for years and we can ensure your window installation meets your needs perfectly!

Why Choose Composite Windows?

Composite windows are a new hybrid synthesized from wood materials and PVC polymer (a blend unique to Andersen windows). The combination results in a window material that is strong, long-lasting, and exquisitely appealing. Numerous window styles are available in composite materials, including:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • Gliding windows
  • Picture windows

Composite frames are available in a variety of colors and finishes, as well. This diversity allows for lots of design and aesthetic planning, giving the homeowner a much wider range in how they want their windows installed.

These windows are also exceptionally resistant to contracting and expanding (common effects of temperature variances), ensuring your air seal maintains perfectly all year round to remove air bleed concerns. Composite also boasts above-average resistance to decay, rot, and damage from excess moisture.

The Benefits of Composite Windows

Composites are so much more than just a pretty window with some solid features. They provide a lot of additional benefits as well! When you chose composite windows by Andersen, you’re getting:

  • Dependability. Composite windows are highly resistant to a lot of common problems we encounter here in Texas. Rot, water damage, bowing, cracking, contraction; none of these are a problem with composite windows! Even beyond that, composites are very long-lived, so you know your investment is one that will be installed to last.
  • Efficiency. With well above-average UV ratings (better than a wood window by a mile) and a resistance to air leakage, composite windows are excellent for those who are concerned about energy use during our hot Dallas summers. The right window installed by a pro can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by up to 40%!
  • Superior visual appeal. Composites simulate the appearance of real, rich wood (with none of the inherent drawbacks!) and retain their appearance for their entire lifespan.
  • Versatility and options. With versatility in design, style, and color, composite windows have an option to suit any tastes. Your windows should complement your space, not complicate it! And with all of the choices you can make with Andersen composites, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for you.
  • Low-maintenance solutions. Composite windows never need to be painted and retain their color and shape flawlessly for years. This means there is effectively no maintenance required on the part of the homeowner, aside from the usual dusting and other common upkeep.

Andersen Composite Windows

Andersen has been manufacturing windows and doors for more than 100 years, and their reputation for innovation and product development made them the clear choice for us when it came to choosing a composite window for our customers. Andersen’s 100 series is made from Fibrex, a patented combination of polymers and reclaimed wood fibers, making them very environmentally friendly. Best of all, these windows are beautiful with flat matte finishes, furniture grade corners joints, and a real wood window appearance. Composite windows are a great choice for Houston homeowners who want the look of wood windows, without the high cost and without the maintenance.

Why Choose Ultra Windows?

When you meet with Ultra Windows, we will go through our composite window installation with you step by step because it is that critical to the project. You can buy the best window out there, but if your installation is not done right or is an industry minimum standard window installation, you may be undermining a huge project that will affect the inside and outside of your home for decades!

Our composite window installation and replacement is top notch in every regard. We have a four-man crew with years of experience, allowing us to keep a clean job site and install with excellence in a short time. It’s a common thread through our customer feedback of the cleanliness of our installation and the satisfaction with our crew. On more than one occasion, the client has mentioned their home was cleaner after our window installation than it was before it!

Composite Window Installation in Houston, Texas

Durable windows safeguard your home against the elements and intruders, and help improve energy efficiency. Ultra Windows’ installation includes the finest materials that will last and stand up to our lifetime window installation warranty. Composite shims, corrosion resistant screws, AAMA certified caulks, and our unique weather tight window installation are absolutely critical to comfort, usability, and energy efficiency over the long haul.

Once you’ve seen our Ultra weather tight window installation system, we’re confident that you’ll want nothing less for your home. You only intend to buy new windows once. Shouldn’t they be installed right the first time?

Contact Ultra Windows for expert composite window installation in and around the Houston area!

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