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What Are Single Hung Replacement Windows?

Single hung replacement windows are the “classic” of the window world. These are the the windows with one sash operable, the lower, and one sash remaining immobile, which is the upper. The operable sash moves vertically, sliding up and down as needed. In some models, the bottom sash also tilts, allowing for simpler window cleaning and maintenance.

When you are seeking the perfect window installation for your Houston home, you’re not looking for just any solution. You need a product that both meets your needs, and looks beautiful doing it. For many homeowners, single hung windows might be the best option.

Single hung replacement windows provide a reliable function, are durable, and have all of the visual appeal you could ever want. Think single hung window installation might be the perfect option for your home? The certified window experts at Ultra Windows can help!

When you choose our team, you will always get top quality windows from industry-leading manufacturers. The experts at Ultra Windows have been bringing Texas homeowners the best in window installation for over fourteen years! Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities, and we can fully guarantee that your single hung window installation will perfectly align with your wants and needs.

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The Benefits of Ultra Single Hung Replacement Windows

Top-Class Energy Efficiency

Especially when chosen with IGUs, single hung windows are very energy-efficient for homes. With only one operable sash, ways for air to infiltrate your home are limited, and the lower number of movable parts make for a better seal on the window.


Single hung windows are exceedingly safe, often featuring a very stout locking mechanism. Having one movable sash also plays a role here, too. The less complexity there is in your window design, the more secure it becomes, as adding a multitude of secondary or auxiliary functions complicates the structure, making it overall weaker.

Simple Homeowner Maintenance

Single hung windows are very easy to maintain and clean, needing little more than a basic wash on occasion to preserve visual appeal. The simplicity in the design also means issues like stuck windows can often be solved with little more than a stiff brush to dislodge dirt.

Cost Effective

Single hung windows are one of the least costly window options, making them an excellent all-purpose window choice.

Single Hung Replacement Window Installation in the Houston Area

In order to maximize your home’s comfort, reduce energy costs, and optimize the natural light in your Houston home, a superior window product and installation is positively key. This means you need the aid of superiorly trained and expertly-skilled professionals for your window services. And that’s where Ultra Windows comes in!

Our experts have been bringing homeowners in Houston the absolute best in window services for over two decades! When you want quality, both in your windows, and in the experts who will install them, the team at Ultra Windows simply can’t be beat.

Ultra Reliable Window Replacement - Ultra Windows - Replacement Windows in Houston, Katy, Tomball, Kingwood, The Woodlands
Ultra Reliable Window Replacement - Ultra Windows - Replacement Windows in Houston, Katy, Tomball, Kingwood, The Woodlands

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