We get this question all of the time… “What are the most energy efficient windows for Houston homes?” Here on the Gulf Coast, we have some of the harshest weather for windows—bright light, high heat in the summer, cold in the winter, humidity, and of course tropical weather. Few materials hold up well in those conditions, which can make it feel like you have limited options for replacement windows. Between Aluminum windows and Vinyl windows we continually prefer Aluminum for replacement windows in the Houston area. Although vinyl might get a slightly better energy efficiency rating, aluminum window frames are our clear choice because they work well in this climate, and will have a huge impact on aesthetics, function, energy efficiency and resale value.

Pros of Aluminum Windows in Houston

  • Aluminum windows are very light, but still strong.
  • Aluminum windows can come in creative shapes and designs.
  • They can hold larger panes of glass without the need for mullions. This can open up breathtaking views and bring a more modern appeal to your home.
  • When updating a home, customers prefer aluminum windows for their modern and contemporary look.
  • Of course Black Aluminum windows are the most popular, however, aluminum windows can come in endless color options
  • Aluminum windows are low maintenance. This is because of their durability. This is especially true if you chose windows with a factory-baked or anodized finish.
  • Aluminum windows have a smaller frame, compared to vinyl windows. Allowing for a more aesthetic appearance, and allowing more light to come in.
  • Because Houston has such extreme weather and temperatures, Aluminum frames will never warp (Unlike Vinyl Windows). And Aluminum windows will never rust like Steel windows.

One negative people bring up about Aluminum Windows is that they are not energy efficient. When choosing your aluminum windows make sure they have a Thermal break in the frame. This is a hidden break in the aluminum material that stops the heat or cold transfer from the outside frame to the inside frame. Another thing that helps with energy efficiency is by choosing low-e glass panes. Overall, because aluminum windows are so durable, many homeowners will compromise slightly on energy efficiency to get the larger window openings, longer lasting material and better curb appeal.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today for a free consulation. We’ll show you all of your window options for the most energy efficient windows in Houston.