Aluminum windows are a great investment for your home. The curb appeal of aluminum is unmatched with any other type of window frame. When selecting your aluminum windows, choosing the right aluminum window color is one of the most important considerations you will have to make.

Popular Colors Available

Aluminum windows have become a very popular option in todays replacement window market.  There are many popular color options our customers are choosing. The most requested colors are Black and Bronze. Other popular colors include, Sand, White, Clear Anodized, Charcoal and more. And if none of these colors perfectly match your vision, you can also request a custom color, that we can match it.

Black Aluminum Windows

Bronze Aluminum Windows

Sand Aluminum Windows

White Aluminum Windows

Clear Aluminum Windows

Ask About Custom Colors

Considering The Perfect Aluminum Window Color


When choosing an aluminium frame colour,  make sure to consider the interior and exterior design of your home. Do not pick combinations that would appear overbearing or aluminium window frame colours that clash. Your new aluminium windows should complement the design of your home.


With so many aluminium frame colors available, it is very easy to get carried away. Consider coordinating the windows with the rooflines and the brickwork as well as the doors.

The Feel

By selecting a neutral tone for your new aluminum windows, such as sand or light gray, then you will end up with a space that is relaxed. Bronze and Black Aluminum Windows are a great choice for a modern look. Vibrant aluminium window frame colors should be used in areas that need brightening, or a pop of the unexpected.


If you are planning to sell in the future, consider more of the dark or neutral tones. A space with a neutral canvas is easier pictured than bold and bright aluminium window colors.


Due to the various coloring and painting techniques used when producing aluminum windows, the price of different Aluminium frame colors can vary. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through all of the options.


Keep in mind, just as important of choosing the right aluminum window is choosing the right aluminum window installers. We have had the same installation crew since 2002. Our quality installers are professional, qualified and detail oriented.

Considering Black Aluminum Windows? Give us a call today for a free consulation. We’ll show you all of your color options, and walk you through the aluminum window process.