Tired of having windows that give off a “cookie-cutter” look and feel? Create a sense of unique beauty by installing custom Ultra Wood Replacement Windows in your home!

Modern wood windows have aluminum or vinyl cladding over the exterior to protect against rotting and reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Ultra Wood Replacement Windows are very strong, require little maintenance, and offer a natural interior beauty that no other window frame can duplicate. Aluminum clad wood windows can be stained or painted to match your home’s interior woodwork, and the exteriors are available in 50 different factory-applied finish colors.

The Benefits of Ultra Wood Replacement Windows


If you’re looking for windows that will last, then wood window installation might be the right choice for you. Wood windows can last more than 30 years.


These are highly customizable with a variety of colors, hardware, and grille combinations to choose from.


When selecting windows for your home, you want something that will not compromise the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Wood windows are extremely efficient and will help you to reduce your monthly energy bills.

Customize Your Ultra Wood Replacement Windows — Choose from a Wide Variety of Styles, Colors, Divider Lites, Hardware & More.

Replacing your home’s windows is a big investment and not one that many Houston homeowners take lightly. It involves research to find the best quality product at a decent price. With wood windows, you won’t compromise quality with their cost!

Our Ultra Clad Wood Windows Come With A Lifetime Window Installation Warranty.

Durable windows safeguard your home against the elements and intruders and help improve energy efficiency. Ultra Windows’ installation includes the finest materials that will last and stand up to our lifetime window installation warranty. Composite shims, corrosion resistant screws, AAMA certified caulks, and our unique weather tight window installation are absolutely critical to comfort, usability, and energy efficiency over the long haul.

Once you’ve seen our Ultra weather tight window installation system, we’re confident that you’ll want nothing less for your home. You only intend to buy new windows once. Shouldn’t they be installed right the first time?

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