Replacement Windows in Houston, Katy, Spring, Kingwood and The Woodlands

Replacement Windows has become one of the hottest home improvement projects in the Houston market, and it’s no wonder with our long hot summers that cause the air conditioners to run non-stop because of the leaky, builder grade single pane aluminum windows that most homes are built with.

Beyond energy efficiency, single pane aluminum windows allow an excessive amount of exterior noises to invade our privacy, and they provide minimal security against burglars.

Replacement windows have also proven to be one of the better home improvement projects in terms of return on investment (higher home value at resale). Of course all of these benefits require a quality window that is properly installed.


Choices for Window Replacement in Houston Texas

When it’s time to consider replacement windows for your home, the choices can be overwhelming. Dozens of contractors all claiming to be the best and thousands of manufacturers offering a wide variety of products make the task of choosing the best option for your home and budget challenging, to say the least. Should you get double pane or triple pane glass? Are vinyl frames the best choice, or should you consider thermally-improved aluminum or composite? Do you prefer grids between the glass or simulated divided lites on the glass? Should the frames be white, tan, bronze or black? Maybe a custom color would look best? These are just a few of the decisions that you’ll have to make as shop for new replacement windows.

Doing your homework, prior to getting quotes from contractors, will pay huge dividends and go a long way to ensuring you end up with the windows that will serve you well and meet your expectations for many years to come.


Frames for Window Replacement in Houston Texas

Wood windows still provide a classic beauty that makes them a favorite for some, but it’s not the best choice for most Houston area homeowners, due to their regular maintenance requirements and higher price tag. Vinyl windows have come to dominate the replacement market across the country because they offer great energy efficiency at a very affordable price point. While vinyl windows are fine for most of the country, they can have a propensity to warping, sagging and bowing in the Deep South where long, hot summers are more extreme. Thermally-improved aluminum windows can’t quite match the efficiency of vinyl windows, but they provide the strength and rigidity that vinyl is lacking, allowing them to be made with narrower profiles to maximize the glass space. Composite windows are the industry’s newest technology, offering the beauty of wood windows, the efficiency of vinyl windows and the strength of aluminum windows in one package.