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Window Replacement in Katy, TX

When you need window replacement or installation in Katy or surrounding areas in Texas, there’s only one name you need to know: Ultra Windows. For more than 20 years, your neighbors have trusted our team to install replacement windows that are crafted specifically for the Katy climate and for your family’s individual needs.

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Window Installation in Katy Homes

residential window installation in Katy, TXChoosing the right windows for installation or replacement can be a daunting task. And choosing the company to do the job? Even more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! With Ultra Windows, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving top quality products AND service all in one place. While most Katy window replacement companies use the minimalist “caulk-and-walk” method, our exclusive four-point Ultra weather tight window installation system is designed to ensure your windows remain airtight and watertight for the life of the windows. In fact, we’re so confident in our window installation that we guarantee it for as long as you own your home!

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Replacement Windows We Install in Katy

Window replacement is not only a good investment, but it’s the only home improvement project that transforms both your home’s interior and exterior simultaneously. They will enhance the curb appeal of your house, while making the inside of your home more beautiful. What type of window will you choose to install? The possibilities are endless.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows incorporate a thermal break into the frame which effectively separates the interior half of the window from the exterior half. This insulating thermal break reduces the conduction of heat and cold through the metal frame and eliminates the condensation that is common with standard aluminum windows.

Vinyl Windows

Quality vinyl windows are far more efficient than aluminum windows, and they require very little maintenance. However, the big drawback to vinyl windows is that they are susceptible to bowing and warping in the extreme Katy heat, if they’re not well-built.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are the newest option in the industry, combining the efficiency of vinyl, the strength of aluminum, and the beauty of wood. These windows won’t easily rot, rust, warp, bow or crack, which makes them the ultimate choice for Katy homeowners who want efficiency without compromising long-term durability.

Wood Windows

Genuine wood has a look and feel that no other type of window can compete with. Wood windows help to insulate a home far better than almost any other kind of window. Wood, if given proper routine maintenance, will last a lifetime. The same cannot really be said of most other types of frames.

And More!

Whether you’re interested in replacing aluminum windows or fiberglass windows—or another type—our skilled Katy area team can assist you through the replacement process. Contact us today!

Benefits of Window Replacement from Ultra Windows

Replacing your windows provides Katy homeowners with many benefits, including:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Extra safety and security
  • Enhanced aesthetics (both interior and exterior)
  • Higher home value
  • Increased comfort year-round

Why Choose Us As Your Katy Window Installation Company?

You can buy the best window out there, but if your installation is not done right, you are undermining a huge project that will affect the inside and outside of your home for decades!

Our Katy window installation and replacement team is first notch in every regard. Our in-house crew have years of experience allowing us to keep a clean job site and install with excellence in a short time. It’s a common thread through our customer feedback of the cleanliness of our window installation and the satisfaction with our crew. On more than one occasion the client has mentioned their home was cleaner after our window installation than it was before it!

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Your home’s windows aren’t a purchase you should be pinching pennies on. Durable windows safeguard your home against the elements, intruders, and help improve energy efficiency. Ultra Windows’ installation services in Katy include the finest materials from the best brands that will last and stand up to our lifetime installation warranty. Composite shims, corrosion resistant screws, AAMA certified caulks, and our unique weather tight window installation are absolutely critical to comfort, usability, and energy efficiency over the long haul.

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Reviews from Customer Lobby

“We replaced approximately 50 windows in our home with Okna 500 DX double hung vinyl windows. The windows are beautiful, quiet and our home feels very comfortable. We talked with at least three different window dealers and considered NT presidential windows as well as Anderson. We absolutely made the best decision! While the window quality is important, who installs them is equally if not more important. Randy and his crew are honest, professional and very attentive to details. They were in our home for 6 days and each day when they left, their tools were neatly stored and there was no trash anywhere. In this day and age, it is refreshing to find a company that prides itself in quality work and great customer service.”
– Kathy H., Katy, TX

“We had 14 windows to replace and they all fitted exactly. We found some water damage to wooden parts of the frames and the guys replaced them also. The windows are aluminum, bronze colored, double-glazed and argon filled. Very pleased with the quality and installation. Would recommend to anyone looking to have the same done.”
– Lex L., Katy, TX

“This was a big project – the windows for our entire house -and we love the way everything turned out. The house looks so much better, and we are planning to hire Randy again for some doors that we want to replace. I have already recommended Ultra Windows to other people and also know that people in my neighborhood who have used them have been very happy.”
– Larry R., Katy, TX

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"When you're getting replacement windows, you're buying both the product and installer, and either can make or break the job. We had Ultra Windows install fiberglass windows, and have been extremely pleased with both the installation and product." –T. Evans

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