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According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing your original windows and doors with more energy efficient replacement windows and doors is one of the best home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake, recouping (on average) 68 percent of the price paid for new replacement windows at resale. Getting rid of your old single pane aluminum windows is smart from an energy efficiency standpoint as well, with today’s double paned replacement windows being up to 700 percent more efficient. While electricity is cheap now, it won’t stay that way for long, and new Ultra Windows replacement windows will save you money, month after month.

New replacement windows and doors are not only a good investment, but they're the only home improvement project that transforms both your home’s interior and exterior simultaneously. New replacement windows will enhance the curb appeal of your house, while making the inside of your home more beautiful.

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Energy Efficient Windows

As homeowners become aware of their energy spending habits and carbon footprint, we’ve seen a great trend in attempts to reduce energy consumption. Along with that comes saving on your energy bills. Inefficient windows allow air infiltration and heat transfer in to your home (especially during those hot summer months). Installing energy efficient windows can decrease the pass through of air and heat through your windows—lowering your energy bills as your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard!

Learn more about the benefits of installing energy efficient windows in your Houston area home.

Aluminum Windows

When it comes to Texas heat, you need a strong and durable window that will be able to withstand the climate—that’s where aluminum windows come in handy. This option incorporates a thermal break into the frame which effectively separates the interior half of the window from the exterior half. The purpose? The insulating thermal break reduces the conduction of heat and cold through the metal frame and eliminates the condensation that is common with standard aluminum windows.

Find out why aluminum windows might be the right choice for you!

Fiberglass Windows

These are one of the most popular choices for homeowners replacing wood windows in the Houston area. Why? Fiberglass windows are the newest option in the industry, combining the efficiency of vinyl, the strength of aluminum, and the beauty of wood - without the drawbacks. Fiberglass has proven itself to be an incredibly durable material from which to manufacture a wide range of products, such as boats, ladders, automobile parts, airplane parts, golf clubs, bridge components, and many others.

Are fiberglass windows the option you’ve been waiting for? Learn more! 

Vinyl Windows

Premium quality vinyl windows are extremely efficient, and they require very little maintenance. However, the big drawback to vinyl windows is that they are susceptible to bowing and warping in the extreme Houston heat if they’re not well built. Premium Ultra vinyl windows are built with the Texas heat in mind with thicker frames, reinforced sashes, maximum amounts of Titanium Dioxide and tighter manufacturing tolerances.

Not sure if vinyl windows are right for you? Ultra Windows can help determine the best fit for your lifestyle.

Wood Windows

Deciding what is right for your particular remodel can be remarkably difficult, especially when it comes to replacing windows. If you can’t decide, consider wood windows! They offer timeless beauty that you will enjoy for many years to come.

If you think wood windows are the perfect fit for your Texas home, contact us today!

Composite Windows

Composite windows are the industry’s newest innovation, combining the energy efficiency of vinyl windows with the higher end look of wood windows. While vinyl is a very efficient material from which to build windows, it’s shiny plastic appearance, unsightly corner welds, and tendency to bow and warp in the hot Texas heat has led a few manufacturers to develop new options. If you’re looking for a reliable window that will improve your home’s curb appeal, consider Ultra composite windows.

Learn more about composite window installation in Houston, Texas!

Replacement Doors

When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing that your entryway is perfectly crafted for your home. Whether you’re interested in a grand entryway with fiberglass doors or French doors leading to your patio, our door installation specialists are trained to install all types of doors.

Find out more about the variety of door replacements we provide replacement-doors to Houston area homeowners, like you!

Reasons to Replace Your Windows


Replacement windows can have a big effect on comfort. Do you have a room that will not keep cool or stay warm? Do you have a room that is drafty? These could be issues that replacement windows would cure.


Replacement windows can give you back the ability of using your windows again. Many times we meet with homeowners who simply can’t use their windows anymore. They won’t open. They are either painted shut or stuck or broken. New replacement windows will allow you to get a breeze during our beautiful spring and fall weather or some air after hurricanes knock the power out.

Improved View

Replacement windows can improve your view. If you have fogged up windows that are hard to see through then new replacement windows are in order. Condensation between the glass is covered under most of our warranties ensuring you won’t have that issue again.

UV Protection

Replacement windows in Houston, TX should have UV protection that will help protect your furniture against fading and your family from UV rays. This will increase the longevity of your interior furnishings and keep them looking new for longer.

Noise Reduction

Replacement windows can have a large impact on noise reduction in your home. Do you live near a busy street or railroad? If you do and you have older single pane windows there isn’t much difference between being inside or outside in terms of noise level. New replacement windows with the right glass package and frame material can have a big impact on noise levels and reduce them dramatically.

Choose Ultra Windows for Window Replacement in Houston

There are many reasons and much to consider in choosing new replacement windows and doors. It can be a daunting task, with an abundance of options to choose from. Replacement window frames can be made from compositefiberglassvinylaluminumwood, or wood with aluminum cladding—each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Ultra Windows offers products from each category, and we have the experience and the expertise to walk you through the options, ensuring you find just the right replacement windows for your home. Best of all, our exclusive Ultra weather tight installation system will guarantee that your new replacement windows and doors perform to your expectations, year after year.

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