When it comes to replacing your windows, there are many options to choose from — one of the most popular choices is Ultra Fiberglass Replacement Windows.

Ultra Fiberglass Replacement Windows are the newest option in the industry, combining the efficiency of vinyl, the strength of aluminum, and the beauty of wood. Fiberglass windows are available in an extensive combination of colors, as well as stainable wood interiors, making them a customizable solution to match your home perfectly.

Fiberglass has proven itself to be an incredibly durable material from which to manufacture a wide range of products, such as boats, ladders, automobile parts, airplane parts, golf clubs, bridge components, and many others. This durability helps ensure that your fiberglass windows won’t easily rot, rust, warp, bow, or crack—making them the ultimate choice for Texas homeowners who want efficiency without compromising long-term durability.

The Benefits of Ultra Fiberglass Replacement Windows


Fiberglass is a thermally set product, meaning that it will not change shape in the hot Texas heat. Unlike vinyl windows, fiberglass windows will not bow, sag, or warp during the hot summer months. Furthermore, because of their stability, fiberglass windows continue to operate and look as smoothly in 10 years as they did on the day they were installed.


Fiberglass windows are not damaged or degraded from moisture, as wood windows are. No more worries about rotting wood windows. Even the extreme combination of heat and humidity in Houston is no match for fiberglass windows.


Fiberglass windows are pre-painted with a heavy duty, baked on enamel paint – straight from the factory. As a result, you’ll never have to scrape and paint your windows again. However, should you choose to change colors, feel free to paint your windows any color you wish.


Fiberglass windows are available in five standard colors or unlimited custom colors. Choose from grids between the glass, no grids, or simulated divided lites on the glass to give your home just the right look.


Fiberglass windows offer narrower frames and sashes than vinyl, providing the upscale look of wood. Stainable interiors are available to match the look of wood paneling.


Fiberglass windows are among the most energy efficient windows in the industry. Because of its low rate of contraction and expansion, the air leakage rating of a fiberglass window will remain consistent over time. Ultra’s fiberglass windows have the lowest air leakage rating of any fiberglass windows in the industry and one of the highest design pressure ratings on the market.

Customize Your Ultra Fiberglass Replacement Windows — Choose from a Wide Variety of Styles, Colors, Divider Lites, Hardware & More.

But their advantages don’t stop there. Fiberglass has an extremely low rate of contraction and expansion, seal failures are almost non-existent, and air leakage is greatly minimized! The more a product moves, particularly during the summer months, the more likely it is to leak, allowing your conditioned air to escape. Don’t install a less expensive option that you will need to repair or replace in a few short years. Install a durable solution like fiberglass windows!

Our Ultra Fiberglass Replacement Windows Come With A Lifetime Window Installation Warranty.

Durable windows safeguard your home against the elements and intruders and help improve energy efficiency. Ultra Windows’ installation includes the finest materials that will last and stand up to our lifetime window installation warranty. Composite shims, corrosion resistant screws, AAMA certified caulks, and our unique weather tight window installation are absolutely critical to comfort, usability, and energy efficiency over the long haul.

Once you’ve seen our Ultra weather tight window installation system, we’re confident that you’ll want nothing less for your home. You only intend to buy new windows once. Shouldn’t they be installed right the first time?

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