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Simulated Divided Lite Windows in Houston, TX


You have probably seen divided lite windows in homes throughout Houston, but did you know this is the term used to describe them? Windows with multiple “lites” are divided into smaller panes of glass by muntins or grilles, often referred to simply as bars. Most divided lite windows have nine lites (three wide and three tall) set into a single sash. If you want the windows in your home to have this appearance, consider installing simulated divided lites (SDLs).

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Are Divided-Lite Windows in Style?

The primary motivation to install windows with divided lites is to simulate the traditional appearance of true divided lites used in centuries gone by. Therefore, divided-lite windows never go out of style, particularly if your home features Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, or other historic architectural features. In fact, these traditional homes may look a little “off” without grilles dividing the windows into multiple lites.

glass with SDL's
Interior and exterior bars applied to the surface of the glass, with an interior shadow bar.

Even if you don’t have a historical home, divided window lites may still be a good choice. They go with many architectural styles and can add an extra touch of beauty, both inside and out. You can even customize the style, width, and color of your window’s muntin bars.

True Divided Lites vs. Simulated Divided Lites

If you stand in front of two windows—one with true divided lites (TDLs) and the other with simulated divided lites—it’s hard to tell the difference. In terms of appearance, the two are completely identical; but it’s their performance that differs.

TDLs are the precise types used in century-old homes. They are comprised of small panes of glass connected by muntins to make a larger window. This outdated technique was the only one available before technology advanced and allowed manufacturers to produce large window panes. As you can imagine, true divided lites are highly inefficient because air can pass more easily through a window comprised of many small pieces of glass.

SDLs mimic the look of true divided lites, but in reality, they are comprised of a single sheet of glass with interior and exterior bars applied to the surface of the window. A shadow bar may also be installed between the panes of insulated glass. This design combines modern energy efficiency with the classic look of divided-lite windows.

Cleaning Considerations for Simulated Divided Lites

SDLs are gorgeous and add to the historical accuracy of a home, but the muntin bars make the windows more difficult to clean. The pane may physically be whole, but the bars glued to the surface of the glass require you to clean each simulated lite individually.

Between-the-glass grilles are a great option. From a distance, this creates the appearance of divided lites, but the aluminum muntin bars are between the panes of glass, not on top of them. This makes for the simplest window cleaning option.

Choose Simulated Divided Lites for Your Houston Home

Whether you live in a historical home or you just love the traditional look of divided-lite windows, we can help you achieve the aesthetics you want with simulated divided lites. Enjoy the appearance of true divided-lite windows without sacrificing efficiency.

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