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Security Doors in Houston, TX

The most important upgrades you can make to your home are those that improve safety and security. If your home has ever been burglarized, you know how terrifying this can be. And if you’ve never been robbed, you undoubtedly want to keep it that way.

If you’re thinking about installing a security door, you’re on the right track to preventing intruders. After all, one-third of thieves enter through the home’s front door, and once inside, they can ransack the place in 10 minutes or less.

Whether you want a single new door to bolster security or a second door to close over your existing one, you can find the security doors you’re looking for from Ultra Windows in Houston, TX. We offer a vast selection of products from several of today’s top brands. This gives you the flexibility to browse different manufacturers while knowing you’ll receive the best value and professional installation from Ultra Windows.

To learn more about security doors, or to request an estimate, please contact Ultra Windows today.

What are Security Doors?

The purpose of every door is to provide privacy and security, but security doors take this a step further. They are most often used as a home’s primary entry, but you can also install security doors on side or basement entrances. Security doors are even suitable for providing extra protection for home offices, wine cellars, and other rooms with high-value contents.

Here are your security door design choices:

  • Open steel framework resembling wrought iron with a tempered glass back panel
  • Steel-reinforced entry door with a wood or fiberglass exterior that looks just like a regular door
  • Security screen door with tempered glass panels that slide open to facilitate ventilation when you need it

Along with these basic designs, security doors come with other features for added protection:

  • Hidden hinges to make them more difficult to tamper with
  • Hinge screws to prevent the door from being removed even if the pins are taken out
  • Security keys that can only be duplicated by the manufacturer to ensure no unapproved copying
  • Peepholes to allow the homeowner to view the person on the other side of the door
  • Optional deadbolt locks, alarms, bars, and door chains
  • Optional keyless locks that use pin pads or fingerprint scanners to permit entry

Benefits of Installing Security Doors in Houston, TX

Installing a high-quality security door isn’t a DIY project, so for the best results, plan to leave the job to the team at Ultra Windows. Once the upgrade is complete, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Prevent intrusion more effectively: The primary advantage of security doors is an increased ability to keep intruders out thanks to their advanced characteristics. With the right features and professional installation, security doors are nearly impenetrable.
  • Pair with security systems: If you have a home alarm, install sensors on your security door to alert the authorities if anyone attempts to tamper with it. This increases the chance of capturing the perpetrator in the act.
  • Slow the spread of fire: When installed on the interior, solid steel security doors act as fire doors. This improves the safety of your home if a fire breaks.
  • Withstand storms: Security screen doors are also known as storm doors—and with good reason. This added layer of protection shields your front door from high winds, hail, and other harsh weather.
  • Improve energy efficiency: A closed security screen door increases the insulation of your front entrance. Then, when the weather is nice, you can prop open the front door and slide open the screen door’s panel for a nice breeze.

Security Door Installation in Houston, TX

When looking for security door installation, you need doors that offer not only aesthetic appeal and function, but dependability and quality as well. And to meet all of these needs in one, Ultra Windows offers top-tier options in security door installation! Security doors are an excellent, sophisticated solution that through versatility in design and safety features.

Ultra Windows has been bringing Houston homeowners the best in quality and service for years. When we bring you door installation services, we want you to receive the best products, the highest quality services, and of course, doors you can be proud to own for years to come.

Are you looking to install security doors in your Houston area home? Contact Ultra Windows today!

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