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Privacy Glass Windows in Houston, TX

When it comes to customizing the windows in your home, you have a wider selection than you probably realize. Not only can you select a window style and material, but you also have the choice of installing privacy glass. Also called textured glass, this option obscures the view through the window for the sake of privacy.

If you think privacy glass could be a good option for your home, let Ultra Windows help you make the right selection. Then, we can perform an expert installation to ensure energy-efficient performance and long-lasting results.

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What Are the Benefits of Privacy Glass?

You want your home to be both secure and beautiful. Privacy glass offers a rare combination of both characteristics that you’ll enjoy every day for years to come. Consider these specific benefits of privacy glass:

  • Enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy: Textured glass makes it difficult to discern objects on the other side of the window, yet natural light passes through easily. This allows you to keep the room well-lit while deterring peeping Toms.
  • Make your home less appealing to thieves and vandals: Some people have bad motivations for peering in through your windows. If they can’t see inside to spot something they want, thieves may be less likely to target your home for a break-in.
  • Increase the beauty of your home: Privacy glass is gorgeous from both sides of the window, enhancing your home’s aesthetics inside and out.
  • Reduce your energy bill: Sunlight passes through privacy glass, but the light is diffused, decreasing the number of UV rays that enter and heat up the interior.
  • Boost home value: Potential homebuyers recognize these benefits of privacy glass, so making this upgrade may set your house apart from others on the market.

Where to Install Privacy Glass in Your Houston Area Home

Is there anywhere in your home that you want natural light to enter without being able to see through the window? If so, privacy glass is the ideal option. Here are the most common places to install privacy glass:

  • Front and patio doors: Glass entry doors are popular, but if you don’t want people peering inside, privacy glass could be the perfect solution.
  • Sidelites and transom windows: These small decorative windows allow a little more light to enter, but if privacy is a concern, choose textured glass.
  • Bathroom and closet windows: These rooms demand privacy, but it’s great to have a little natural light. Just make sure any windows you install in the bathroom or walk-in closet feature privacy glass.

Types of Privacy Glass We Carry

Many textures are available to block the view through privacy glass. At Ultra Windows, we offer two choices:

privacy glass window installation houston txObscure glass: This texture has been the standard for many years. It’s a good value option for the windows in your home.




privacy glass windows houston, bathroom window installationRain glass: This contemporary take on privacy glass creates the appearance of water trickling down the window. The objects on the other side are adequately obscured, and the glass becomes a work of art at the same time.


Install Privacy Glass in Your Houston Home

If you’re tired of covering the windows with curtains and blocking the light just to enjoy some privacy, consider installing textured privacy glass in your Houston home. The experts at Ultra Windows can help you choose the right option to meet your needs.

Interested in learning more? If so, please contact Ultra Windows and schedule a consultation with one of our glass installation experts.



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