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Wood Replacement Windows

Posted on: May 21, 2015

With the arrival of aluminum and vinyl and now fiberglass replacement windows the once common option of wood replacement windows is becoming a specialty item. If you are just trying to find replacement windows for energy efficiency improvements at a minimal cost then wood replacement windows don’t make much sense, but if you are looking for something that looks great and are willing to spend more to get it then wood replacement windows could still be for you!

This week, Ultra Windows (Link here) has two jobs going in with Jeld-Wen wood replacement windows. There is just no beating the beauty of wood replacement windows. You can get them in an array of color options and choices in grids including simulated divided lights (SDL’s). SDL’s simulate the look of the divided glass panes of days gone by that were common on older homes giving them a beauty that is often lost today. With the standard grids between the glass (GBG) approach of today the grids often look dull or almost disappear altogether from the outside because the Low E on the windows slightly hides them. This leaves the outside looking a little odd to a discerning eye because the frame color of the window and the grid color don’t fully match due to the tint of the Low E. In Houston, TX you NEED the Low E to keep cool and block UV light. So homeowners who want grids in their windows have an unfortunate give and take situation to decide. Give up Low E effectiveness and energy efficiency and comfort to get the best look or give up the best looks for energy efficiency?

Well, with Jeld-Wen wood replacement windows you can have both!

If you are going to go with this option you want someone who will do it right! So call Ultra Windows to get a good price and the best installation in town…hands down! Wood replacement windows is an investment you don’t want to hire just anybody to do. Check out our reviews to see how clients have enjoyed working with us and contact us today.

wood replacement windows
wood replacement windows
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"When you're getting replacement windows, you're buying both the product and installer, and either can make or break the job. We had Ultra Windows install fiberglass windows, and have been extremely pleased with both the installation and product." –T. Evans

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