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Can Windows Help With Noise Reduction?

Posted on: May 14, 2018

Living in the city means dealing with noise. Whether it’s a busy road, nearby train tracks, or the neighbors barking dogs, getting some peace and quiet inside our homes is getting more and more difficult. Replacing your single pane aluminum windows with new Ultra composite windows will make a dramatic difference in reducing the amount of sound pollution that enters your home from outside.

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How Do Noise Reduction Windows Work?

So what makes Ultra composite windows so quiet? To start with, composite frames are solid (unlike hollow chambered vinyl windows) and that added density blocks sound. Second, double strength (1/8”) glass is standard, whereas most of our competitors incorporate single strength glass into their windows. Thicker glass has better noise blocking capacity. For more challenging projects, laminated glass is an available option to provide maximum sound blocking.

Last, but certainly not least, superior noise blocking windows require an equally superior installation system to ensure your new windows perform to their maximum potential. Our exclusive Ultra weather tight installation system utilizes multiple layers of insulation and sealants to guarantee that your new windows provide the peace and quiet you’re looking for.

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