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Vinyl Windows – The Right Product!

Posted on: January 11, 2016

Getting new vinyl windows is the popular choice for replacement window projects these days. It is a large project that will effect the inside and outside of you home for decades so choosing the right vinyl windows is very important. You don’t want a widget in this situation, but that seems to be what we run up against a lot in the sales process. Clients who have had other companies out that are offering one option and pushing them toward their vinyl windows.

So what do you do as a homeowner? Here at Ultra Windows we want to help you choose the right vinyl windows so you don’t regret it down the line. We’ll help you look at your budget, and the windows you have, color choices, sizes of your windows, shading, etc. to determine the right vinyl windows for you. We carry many different options so we can sell you the right vinyl windows for your home instead of pushing you into one brand.

Here in south Texas especially, the climate will punish you for making the wrong choice. You can go with the lower half of the spectrum of vinyl windows and save a little money on your purchase up front, but you will regret it down the line and pay more in the long run as you watch the heat pummel your low cost vinyl windows into submission. Low quality, cheap vinyl windows just won’t hold up to the heat. Vinyl is a plastic at the end of the day and if the vinyl windows you buy are not built to withstand the weather conditions you’ll be right back where you started. Warping and bending are not uncommon in poorly built vinyl windows that are built for low cost instead of quality.

We don’t want you to make that mistake. Our vinyl windows are chosen carefully to offer you the quality you want and need. Our vinyl windows are in the upper half of the spectrum of vinyl windows on the market…meaning our entry level windows are better than many of our competitors. From there, we go up to vinyl windows which will outperform any vinyl windows out there in terms of quality and energy efficiency, and our pricing is less than many of our competitors selling inferior products. Combine this with our premium installation system and you have everything you are looking for in your search for vinyl windows.

You owe it to yourself to give us a call if you are looking for vinyl windows!

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