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What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?

Posted on: June 20, 2018

When you’re looking at Houston window replacement companies, you want to be sure you choose one that carries the best products and can perform a skilled window installation that will stand the test of time. Many Houston-area customers looking for new windows for their home are curious about energy-efficient windows for not only their strength and durability, but also for their potential to lower your home’s energy bills and provide a great return on investment. But what makes windows energy-efficient? Are all energy-efficient windows created equally? The Houston window replacement experts at Ultra Windows are here to answer all your questions.

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Energy-Efficient Window Criteria

In order for replacement windows to be energy-efficient, they must accomplish the following objectives:

Air Leakage Window Ratings

First and foremost, new windows must be as airtight as possible. That is to say, they must keep indoor (conditioned) air inside, and exterior (unconditioned) air outside. You’re paying good money to cool and dehumidify the air within your home and allowing it to escape through leaky windows is not only wasteful, but it makes your house uncomfortable. Allowing hot, humid outdoor air to infiltrate through leaky windows is equally harmful to both indoor comfort and your pocketbook. This is the most overlooked area for homeowners who are shopping for new windows, because most windows aren’t built with airtightness in mind, and also because most window salespeople aren’t educated on the benefits of reducing leakage.

Low-E Coating on Energy-Efficient Windows

Second, new windows must have a low solar Low-E coating to maximize the windows’ ability to block heat and UV rays. There are multiple types of Low-E coatings in the replacement window industry, some of which are designed for northern climates, some of which are designed for moderate climates, and those that are designed for extremely hot environments like Houston and South Texas. Choosing windows with the wrong Low-E for our environment will undercut the performance capability of your new windows.

Window Frames for Energy Efficiency

Choosing a frame material that reduces the conduction of heat and cold is essential to the windows’ overall insulating potential. Aluminum frames are poor insulators and therefore choosing aluminum windows with a built-in thermal improvement is critical. Vinyl windows excel at reducing conduction but are quite susceptible to bowing and warping. Composite frames are the most efficient option while providing great strength and rigidity.

Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Houston

The most airtight, non-conductive windows on the planet will not perform well if the window installation is less than optimal. Choosing windows with low air leakage ratings, only to have the window installer fail to properly seal the perimeter will lead to disappointment in the years to come. While the new windows may do a great job at blocking direct solar heat, those cold winter drafts and muggy/clammy overly humid summer indoor conditions could continue.

Choose Ultra Windows for Energy-Efficient Windows in Houston

At Ultra Windows, we take the time to educate our customers on both the benefits and drawbacks of each type of window we offer. Our focus is helping you determine which window is right for both your home and your budget. Our Ultra installation system ensures that whichever window you choose will remain airtight and watertight for the life of the window. In fact, we’re so sure of our installation process, we guarantee it for as long as you own your home! Our 22 years in business and blemish-free BBB record are evidence of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We would appreciate an opportunity to show you how Ultra Windows is the best choice for your new windows!

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