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Premium vs. Mid-grade vinyl windows

Posted on: January 30, 2018

What is the difference between premium grade and mid-grade, when it comes to vinyl windows? To start with, premium grade vinyl windows will have more Titanium Dioxide in the base compound, which helps prevent UV breakdown of the vinyl. A window with maximum amounts of Titanium Dioxide will have a milky white appearance, while mid-grade vinyl windows will look a little more blue-gray in color. Seeing the two side by side makes this readily apparent.

Second, premium vinyl windows have tighter manufacturing tolerances, resulting in lower Air Leakage ratings. The lower a window’s AL rating, the better it will perform – keeping indoor air in and out door air out.

Third, premium vinyl windows will have thicker vinyl walls, more chambers within the sash and frame, as well as reinforced sashes – making the the window stronger to prevent bowing and warping in the extreme Houston summer heat.

Fourth, premium vinyl window are much more selective in choosing which window replacement companies can offer their products. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that the contractor is financially solvent, insured, certified and trained to install and service the product, and that should the need for warranty service arise, you’ll be taken care of in an expedient manner.

Ultra Windows has exclusive relationships with two of the nation’s premier window manufacturers, which allow us to provide Houston homeowners with a selection of products that the average Houston window company can’t match.

Premium vinyl windows and our exclusive weather-tight installation system make Ultra Windows the best choice for replacement windows in the greater Houston area.

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