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Low-E glass

Posted on: June 6, 2019

Building code requires that replacement windows include Low-E glass, which is very efficient at blocking solar heat and reducing damage from UV light. Unfortunately, Low-E glass provides a blue/green coloration to the glass that many homeowners find unattractive. Worse yet, the low-solar Low-E coatings which are designed specifically for the deep south (where the summer heat is the strongest) are the greenest of all.

Looking at the photo below, notice that the glass in the windows on the left, with white shutters inside, looks really green and the glass in the windows on the right, with stained wood shutters inside, looks gray or bronze. The glass in these four windows is exactly the same, but it can look very different depending on what is on the interior. Therefore, to minimize the green glass look, choose stained wood shutters, or go with curtains instead of shutters. White plantation shutters will exacerbate the green color in the glass.

Low-E glass will look more or less green based on what type of window coverings you have inside your home.
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