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Hurricane Harvey Notice

Posted on: January 17, 2018

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston, and many homeowners are still trying to recover from the damage it inflicted on their homes. The process of putting your house back together after such devastation can be overwhelming. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered from the consequences of Hurricane Harvey.

As a result of the many calls we have received and in an effort to help homeowners who are considering new windows as they are rebuilding, we respectfully offer the following advice:

  1. Beware of out of town, fly-by-night contractors who are flooding into Houston. Once the volume of work in Houston slows, they will return to their hometowns and will not be available to service your needs or honor their warranty in the years to come.
  2. There is no advantage to replacing your windows now, versus waiting until a future date. We regularly replace windows in homes with finished interiors, without damaging the sheetrock, returns, brick, or siding. Right now, you have plenty of repairs and replacements that are not optional; we recommend you spend your resources on those items and let windows be a project for the future.
  3. Low-end vinyl windows are not well suited for the harsh Houston summers, as they are very prone to bowing and warping. Once the window begins to shift and change shape, they will to allow your conditioned air to escape, and exterior air to infiltrate. Eventually, they may also allow water into your home, damaging the sills, sheetrock and framing. Better to wait and get higher quality windows later than have cheap vinyl windows installed now that will have to be replaced again in the near future.
  4. As more and more homeowners are choosing to replace their old single pane aluminum windows, the number of contractors offering windows has grown exponentially. Companies that were roofing houses last year or installing and painting siding, are now giving window installation a try. Choosing a contractor who specializes in replacement windows, and has a proven, long-term track record in this industry is critical to ensuring your new windows will perform well, protect your house and family, and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable for many, many years to come.

We at Ultra Windows wish you the very best with your recovery, and we would be honored to have an opportunity to serve you and your family in the future.

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