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Review Simonton 9800 Replacement Windows

Posted on: August 31, 2015

From the Window Replacement Experts in Texas

Simonton is a very large, nationwide manufacturer of home windows that enjoys a good reputation in the industry, for reasonably good quality control. Most people have heard of Simonton, as they’ve done a very good job of marketing, and their product distribution in Texas has been set up to offer access to as many different contractors as possible. Unfortunately for the consumer, this means that just about anyone can buy home windows from Simonton and resell them to homeowners.

Simonton offers a multitude of home windows in their product line, from lower end builder grade vinyl windows to above average replacement grade vinyl windows, so for purposes of this discussion, I’m going to focus on their Impressions 9800 line.

The first thing to note is that the Simonton Impressions 9800 is AAMA gold label certified. This allows consumers to compare the build quality of home windows, on an apples-to-apples basis, without having to rely on the claims of the manufacturer, and worst of all, the salespeople. Vinyl windows have to be tough to stand up to the extreme Texas weather, particularly our summer heat. The fact is, most vinyl windows are just not built well enough to last through four or five summers without bowing and warping.

Let’s start with the positives. The 9800 is an aesthetically attractive window with recessed weld joints, beaded glass molding, applied lift handles, and jamb liners as standard features. This home window is built to mimic the look of wood windows, and it does a pretty good job, although some homeowners may be a little disappointed in the beefiness of the frame and sashes, resulting in reduced glass space.

Simonton’s exclusive stepped/sloped sill is a good at shedding water and preventing blowing rain from infiltrating under the bottom sash during the occasional tropical storm. Double strength glass is a standard feature, and the base model comes with Intercept Spacer. Intercept is a decent spacer product, however, upgrading to the optional Supercept, is a wise choice that is not only more efficient, but also less susceptible to seal failure.

On the negative side, Simonton windows are constructed with thin vinyl walls (.072), and don’t automatically come with internal sash reinforcement. As a result, base level DP ratings suffer. Additionally, the 9800’s Air Leakage rating is an average .12cfm, which is slightly above my preferred maximum of .10 cfm. This higher AL rating makes proper installation even more critical, since any deviation from true square will only exacerbate the leakage, reducing the efficiency gains hoped for.

Simonton Replacement Windows in Texas

Texas homeowners who are set on purchasing Simonton home windows should strongly consider upgrading the glass to Low-E366, the spacer to Supercept, and reinforcing the sashes. These changes should add no more than 15% to the price, but will add years to the life of the product, helping it to resist the effect of the extreme summer sun.

For more information on home windows, including Simonton products, contact us online to learn more about window replacement in the Houston area from Ultra Windows.

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