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Home Windows – Replacement Window Benefits

Posted on: September 1, 2015

Replacing your home windows is one of the best home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake, according to Remodeling Magazine, with an average return on investment of 65%. Now, more than ever, homebuyers are scrutinizing the energy efficiency of the homes they’re considering, and homes windows are one of the primary culprits contributing to higher utility bills.

New home windows are able to transform both the exterior and interior of your home simultaneously, something no other project can do. Whether you prefer the classic looks of traditional windows with divided lites, or the contemporary look of large expanses of undivided glass, new windows will give your house a whole new look.

New home windows also make your home more comfortable. Customers often notice that once their windows are replaced, the hot and cold zones in the house are eliminated, equalizing the temperature throughout. This allows for bumping the thermostat up a couple of degrees – saving money on energy bills, while remaining comfortable.

Of course all of the benefits described are based on two conditions; (1) installing a quality product and (2) proper installation methods to eliminate air infiltration. The best home windows in the world will not perform up to their expectations if the installation is sub-par. The typical caulk-and-walk installation method that is so commonly used in Texas, will not seal out hot air. If the outside air infiltrates around your new home windows, the efficiency is obviously greatly reduced.

Ultra Windows’ installation system is designed specifically to provide homeowners with leak free home windows for life. Compare our installation to anyone’s and you’ll appreciate the Ultra difference.

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"When you're getting replacement windows, you're buying both the product and installer, and either can make or break the job. We had Ultra Windows install fiberglass windows, and have been extremely pleased with both the installation and product." –T. Evans

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