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ENERGY STAR Windows Basics

Posted on: August 21, 2015

ultra-windows-energy-star-basicsThe ENERGY STAR® program, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), actively promotes the use of high-efficiency equipment and technology.

The EPA reports average new homes have windows covering an area of 10 to 25 percent of the exterior wall surfaces.

Research reveals: windows in hotter climates are responsible for up to 25 percent of average heating costs while windows in cooler climates are responsible for up to 50 percent of the cooling costs.

Technological advancements now significantly enhance the thermal performance of windows. These technologies are incorporated in high-performance windows and include improved framing materials, solar control coatings, and better edge sealing techniques.

Such technologies can be utilized independently or in combination, but selection must take climate into consideration in order to optimize performance. The thermal performance of windows in any building can be improved by making the right selection. This will minimize heat loss in colder climates and minimize solar heat gain in warmer climates.

High-performance windows are installed with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of the structure, thereby reducing utility bills (while being environmentally friendly). In order to achieve these milestones, the windows must be installed properly. There are reputable, knowledgeable and professional window installers servicing the entire state of Texas who know what kinds of windows will meet your needs as well as how to install them properly.

True window professionals, like Randy and staff at Ultra Windows, will give free estimates, take the time to explain why they are recommending a certain product (including how the product works to meet your particular needs), and will back-up their installation with a warranty.  You can easily set up a free estimate today.

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