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Beware of Short Cuts on Your Window Installation!

Posted on: March 28, 2018

Choosing well-built windows that are designed to withstand the harsh Texas climate is important. Having those windows professionally installed in a manner that doesn’t undermine the design capabilities of the window is every bit as important and maybe more so.

Properly sized and fitted, your new windows should butt up to the sheetrock and sill inside your window openings. Because most replacement windows are thicker than your original windows, a proper installation requires cutting back the sheetrock and sill to allow the new window to be recessed far enough to the interior to be flush with the exterior cladding material. This allows for proper sealing techniques to be utilized and eliminates the need for extra vinyl trim.

Quality Window Installation in Houston, TX

Unfortunately, more and more Houston area window replacement companies are allowing their installers to take short-cuts in order to minimize the amount of time required on the job and maximize company profits.

To avoid the time consuming task of cutting back the sheetrock and sill, many companies are resorting to reducing the size of the new windows enough to allow it to slip inside the sheetrock and sit on top of the window sill. This speeds up the installation process, but it doesn’t allow for proper sealing, and it requires additional trim – making the frames appear even thicker than normal (as shown in the photos below).

Ultra Windows Never Takes Shortcuts on Your Window Installation!

We believe our customers deserve better. That’s why our installation system includes cutting back where necessary and applying spray foams to ensure an airtight and watertight seal. Employing the same single installation crew for more than 16 years provides our customers with a consistent level of installation professionalism that other Houston area companies can’t match. We’re not concerned with being the fastest window company, we’re obsessed with being the best. Let us show you how our complete line-up of Ultra windows outperform the competition, and how our installation system gives you peace of mind for the life of your new windows.


These photos show windows installed by our competitors, using the improper methods described in this post.


extra trim around window

extra trim - close up

extra trim - not sealed



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