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Aluminum Windows

Posted on: June 19, 2015

Here at Ultra Windows we continue to sell a large number of thermally broken aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are not the household norm that vinyl windows are these days, but we find that is simply due to lack of education or information and not due to lack of appeal.

After all, most clients want the best bang for their buck. ‘Don’t try to sell me the top of the line or the cheapest thing you got….I want a good middle of the road product that will serve me well and not break the bank’ is a common request from homeowners replacing windows.

At Ultra Windows, our goal is to serve you and not sell you. So rather than carry one widget that we get a great deal on and can make the most money on and we push on you as the best option in all cases…..we have instead chosen to carry a large range of products and manufacturers so we can find the right fit for you and your home and your budget. Thermally broken aluminum windows rises to the top in many instances as the best option for people when looking at the whole package of looks, performance, durability, and cost.

Our aluminum windows of choice are the Don Young aluminum windows. They are very high quality and well built. They perform well and meet or exceed most vinyl windows in every measure except for u-value. They also price out around a medium to low level vinyl window. You can choose between 3 colors for no extra charge and you get a nice lean frame on these aluminum windows which is an advantage over vinyl windows. In addition, with aluminum windows you get a window that will last. The difference in strength is significant between vinyl windows and aluminum windows.

Give us a call or contact us to find out more about our aluminum windows. You will not get a better window with a better installation than we offer.

aluminum windows
aluminum windows
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"When you're getting replacement windows, you're buying both the product and installer, and either can make or break the job. We had Ultra Windows install fiberglass windows, and have been extremely pleased with both the installation and product." –T. Evans

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